COVID-19 Staying Healthy

Until further notice, we will be Livestreaming our weekly Sabbath sermons online.  More streaming content will be added to our church family.  We are adjusting to the “new normal” brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.  It is our hope and goal to equip everyone with useful information and resources during these trying times.  Thank you for your prayers, patience, and flexibility.  Your encouragement and willingness to adapt as we do what we can as a church to best love our neighbors by preventing the spread of COVID-19 is truly appreciated.

Our goal on this earth is to help each other and our community.  There are many ways to safely serve those in your community.  Whether it be checking on elderly neighbors, caring for the children of friends who are unable to work from home, bringing groceries to someone unable to leave their home during this time, volunteering for organizations that are helping those less fortunate, we encourage you to share the love of Jesus by helping others.

Volunteering in the Community

Christ Community Health Services is recruiting clinical and non-clinical volunteers to serve in their Covid-19 testing efforts.

Volunteers Needed:

Triage Staff (Clinical staff required, ie: RN, 3rd/4th year medical students, DNP students, medical providers, LPN, NP, Dentists): within triage staff there are multiple roles that include handling test specimens.

Screening Staff (does not have to be clinically trained): volunteers will be greeters and screening texts and initial communication with those seeking treatment.

CLICK HERE to see the full volunteer roles for from Christ Community Health Services.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out a brief application by texting “HelpMEM” to 41444. Christ Community Health Services with then contact you and walk you through the on-boarding process.

Information on Christ Community Health Services testing efforts CLICK HERE


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